Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Niacin = Headache ?


soklan paling 'mudah'

why low dose of aspirin is given 1/2 hour before niacin?

niacin can cause give aspirin 1/2 before giving niacin can prevent headache

-there goes my 2 marks~- fly fly fly!!

time nak jwb ni..dah terbayang2 da page buku tu, but x dapat ilham nak jwb.mcm2 dah dibace.. jugak tak berhasil...bace bab tu dah byk kali...mmg xtau kenape blank..xde idea nak jwb, mesti kena gelak ngn prof...hahahha....xde rezeki la ni..
or maybe kurang keberkatan..?? (lupe msg parents that morning)


so, kesimpulannye, doesnt mean if u read it many times, u can answer the question.cuz Allah yang bagi ilham kat kite..jgn lupe ctc parents, minx keberkatan..suruh derang doakan kite..
ohh..gudluck for upcoming examzzz...may Allah gives us ilham nak mnjawab T__T

insaf sebentar~

Monday, February 1, 2010

sad / scary???

2 days ago i went to carefour..
something spooky happened but i was afraid to talk bout it
but then today, i think it wasn't spooky at all
but its kinda sad -__-

i was choosing what cereal to buy then i heard something

then my heart beats real fast
like really really fast
like supertachy~
and that voice was very familiar..
it was my MOM's
then i looked back
searched everywhere to find where the voice came from
( sengal..xkan la ko jumpe mak ko kat ctu -__-..yelah..mane tau)

then i saw echa but she was far away and its possible that that voice came from her
because it was vivid and it sounded like my MOM
echa doest sounds like that -__- it my imagination? is it because i missed her so much
i text her almost everyday but dah jarang call
(sebb internet x clear -__-)

oh..but then, the only thing i can conclude is i do miss her T__T

mak...bagi fiza semngat nak study


then, yesterday i dreamt bout my adek bradik
n there was danny, dia nak cokelat n suruh 'kakak fiza' byarkan..
n miss my adek2 too
bapak..i miss u too..bapak black ensem..ngeh2

so is it scary / sad?? ngeh2..