Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Journey Begin ~!

huhu...18th october da start lectures..after orientation and some briefing about subjects, i can imagine how packed my time will be when it, for those doctors want-to-be...this is the real world..huhu..byak tol subject kena ambik...
but the system used by Alexandria University is quite different from local universities in Malaysia...what that i can conclude from what the prof.s and dr.s told us is that it uses PBL which is problem based learning, where you have to solve a problem eg: u are given a sample of abnormal cell and u have to diagnose it from what you have leaarned, u are given the characteristics of a sick patient and have to identify what is wrong with him based on medical subjects..kind like acting u are a doctor...

so, these are the subjects that all the Alex u students have to take...chayok2 everyone! huu..






6.comman medicine


byak gileeee...huu

alexandria ahlan (terpost lambat lak....tenet tak reach la...hehe)

Finally! Dapat jugak sampai kat alex..setelah sekian lame menunggu..alex mmg agak lain dari cairo…tak sesesak cairo n pemandangan dia lagi cun. Ade pantai and lagi byk pokok yang colorful..(da name pon tmpat pelancongan)…huu…hepinye dah sampai sini..Alexandria….doesn’t this name recall us on something?? Huu….yup2…ade kaitan dengan Alexander the great..and hellinistic belief... want to explore bout it after this,,heee…. So, baru je sampai @ 3 oct and perjalanan dari cairo dalam 4-5 jam… tak jalan2 lagi, so…belum tau lagi gambaran dari cerita2 org…hehe…tapi sempat snap gambar dalam bas..enjoy! Huuu….

libraray dekat ngan pantai...heee

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eid @ Cairo

Theirs is this place called *rumah anak negeri* so many of the students which study at Monsurah, Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta Zagazig, Al- azhar stopped here to celebrate Eid ( Egyptian actually celebrate eid by just going to *hadiqah* (garden-like places) and tell each other *kullu sannah enta bi khir* (every year your are blessed)..huu…tapi kitorng da jadikan rumah anak negeri selangor mase raye 1st tu jadi perkampungan melayu,..suasane meriah mcm kat malaysia..but still it’s not the same when your family is not around.. *sad*

ambik gambar ngn datuk duta...huu

Wlaupon derang tak sambut raye semeriah kita, tapi one thing touches me is that they really utilize 100 % bulan ramadhan dengan ibadah…and even tgah malam, u can still hear people praying from gamek2 (masjid)..tgah jual barang, naik bas, derang akan bace al-quran..malam tahajud masjid penuh mcm solat jumaat…mmg best sgt..bile dapat rase.cuz ade stu malam kitorng akhwat tido kat masjid salim untuk wat tahajud.Terharu n pk yang malaysia len sgt…kalu dekat2 nak raye lagila lengang masjid..yang penuh, shopping complex…huhu…

The first step ~ goodbye malaysia~

(tergendala sekejap nak wat blog sebab takde line tenet)

Full of *tears*

20th September 2008…momentous date. Departure to Cairo…huhu… (but the pictures doesn’t really chronicle those sad moments…hehe) soo sad to leave everyone…huuu

ngn opah


76 students on economy class in Egypt air.. (MAS airlines the best, huhu)..Their seats are quite close and exhausting 11-hour journey…huuu…but still we enjoyed it..(sebab dah lame tak nek plane..hehe)


Hello I come!! excpected, egypt is there as it is…looking it and actually standing on the land of egpyt makes u feel thankful that you have a really beautiful and peaceful country. Way different than Malaysia (the scenary was like after-war-recovery, hehe)…and I felt like I was taken back by time (sebab mcm zaman dolu2 je)..still..changes is not always bad…huu..