Saturday, October 4, 2008

The first step ~ goodbye malaysia~

(tergendala sekejap nak wat blog sebab takde line tenet)

Full of *tears*

20th September 2008…momentous date. Departure to Cairo…huhu… (but the pictures doesn’t really chronicle those sad moments…hehe) soo sad to leave everyone…huuu

ngn opah


76 students on economy class in Egypt air.. (MAS airlines the best, huhu)..Their seats are quite close and exhausting 11-hour journey…huuu…but still we enjoyed it..(sebab dah lame tak nek plane..hehe)


Hello I come!! excpected, egypt is there as it is…looking it and actually standing on the land of egpyt makes u feel thankful that you have a really beautiful and peaceful country. Way different than Malaysia (the scenary was like after-war-recovery, hehe)…and I felt like I was taken back by time (sebab mcm zaman dolu2 je)..still..changes is not always bad…huu..

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