Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Journey Begin ~!

huhu...18th october da start lectures..after orientation and some briefing about subjects, i can imagine how packed my time will be when it, for those doctors want-to-be...this is the real world..huhu..byak tol subject kena ambik...
but the system used by Alexandria University is quite different from local universities in Malaysia...what that i can conclude from what the prof.s and dr.s told us is that it uses PBL which is problem based learning, where you have to solve a problem eg: u are given a sample of abnormal cell and u have to diagnose it from what you have leaarned, u are given the characteristics of a sick patient and have to identify what is wrong with him based on medical subjects..kind like acting u are a doctor...

so, these are the subjects that all the Alex u students have to take...chayok2 everyone! huu..






6.comman medicine


byak gileeee...huu

alexandria ahlan (terpost lambat lak....tenet tak reach la...hehe)

Finally! Dapat jugak sampai kat alex..setelah sekian lame menunggu..alex mmg agak lain dari cairo…tak sesesak cairo n pemandangan dia lagi cun. Ade pantai and lagi byk pokok yang colorful..(da name pon tmpat pelancongan)…huu…hepinye dah sampai sini..Alexandria….doesn’t this name recall us on something?? Huu….yup2…ade kaitan dengan Alexander the great..and hellinistic belief... want to explore bout it after this,,heee…. So, baru je sampai @ 3 oct and perjalanan dari cairo dalam 4-5 jam… tak jalan2 lagi, so…belum tau lagi gambaran dari cerita2 org…hehe…tapi sempat snap gambar dalam bas..enjoy! Huuu….

libraray dekat ngan pantai...heee

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eid @ Cairo

Theirs is this place called *rumah anak negeri* so many of the students which study at Monsurah, Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta Zagazig, Al- azhar stopped here to celebrate Eid ( Egyptian actually celebrate eid by just going to *hadiqah* (garden-like places) and tell each other *kullu sannah enta bi khir* (every year your are blessed)..huu…tapi kitorng da jadikan rumah anak negeri selangor mase raye 1st tu jadi perkampungan melayu,..suasane meriah mcm kat malaysia..but still it’s not the same when your family is not around.. *sad*

ambik gambar ngn datuk duta...huu

Wlaupon derang tak sambut raye semeriah kita, tapi one thing touches me is that they really utilize 100 % bulan ramadhan dengan ibadah…and even tgah malam, u can still hear people praying from gamek2 (masjid)..tgah jual barang, naik bas, derang akan bace al-quran..malam tahajud masjid penuh mcm solat jumaat…mmg best sgt..bile dapat rase.cuz ade stu malam kitorng akhwat tido kat masjid salim untuk wat tahajud.Terharu n pk yang malaysia len sgt…kalu dekat2 nak raye lagila lengang masjid..yang penuh, shopping complex…huhu…

The first step ~ goodbye malaysia~

(tergendala sekejap nak wat blog sebab takde line tenet)

Full of *tears*

20th September 2008…momentous date. Departure to Cairo…huhu… (but the pictures doesn’t really chronicle those sad moments…hehe) soo sad to leave everyone…huuu

ngn opah


76 students on economy class in Egypt air.. (MAS airlines the best, huhu)..Their seats are quite close and exhausting 11-hour journey…huuu…but still we enjoyed it..(sebab dah lame tak nek plane..hehe)


Hello I come!! excpected, egypt is there as it is…looking it and actually standing on the land of egpyt makes u feel thankful that you have a really beautiful and peaceful country. Way different than Malaysia (the scenary was like after-war-recovery, hehe)…and I felt like I was taken back by time (sebab mcm zaman dolu2 je)..still..changes is not always bad…huu..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

.: why egypt?? :.

so,so,so....there are a few more days left for me to spend in sad yet quite excited because i want to feel the barakah of ramadahan at egypt as many of seniors told me that the way of celebrating the month of ramadhan there is way way more different than in malaysia...

when i told some of my relatives, freinds, whoever, that i want to futher my studies as a medical syudent at egypt, some of them would ask, why egypt?? why, why,why....

first of all, when i go through the advertisment from MARA and JPA about the scholarship they offered and the rules and terms, amount of years and and the nessesary information, there are list of country that crossed my mind which is AUSTRALIA, IRELAND, JORDAN and EGPYT...

i was really eager to go to the western countries because...erm..i dunno..a was exposed by some of the seniors which study and still studying there and they had quite influence my mind..they sad that the education there is first class, the place is safe, u can learn new culture there and still u can hold to your own relegion...the scenary were beautiful, and i dont know...i was influence by the pictures and all...hahaha.. (maybe cuz i love taking pictures!!), without further action, i choose medical (genarally, where in your choice includes the western countries, india, indonesia, and russia) and it was under JPA.. (filling the forms on the internet...)

there's a week before the deadline to submit the form..after asking some of my friends, many of them choosed MARA and choosed middle-east medic...buut still, i want to stick to what i requested before..then, one of my frens give a really good reason why they choose middle east and MARA..first, if you choose JPA u will have to work for gov for 10years (wowww!!) and the competition to get a place in JPA is tough (the interview session plays an important role), that is the time when i started to 'stop and think' what i have choosed....

after going through the advertisment, if i want to go to western country, i have to go through 1-2 years of matriculation-like course (AUSMAT, A-level) and i can only go if i passed.its ok if i have to pass the foundation course but it will take a really long time for me to become a G.P (about 7-9 years)..then question by question started to crossed my mind, how old am i then by that time? when will i get my first job? when will i do my master? when will i become a specialist and get high salary??(huhu) when will i get married? get my first child?? (that question is out of the topic..hehhe)

then, i was interested by the advertisment when i read that if you choose middle-east medic or if u get russia, you will attend a 3-month language course and then it took only 5-6years to complete basic medical study arabic laguage since pre-school and now, this is the time where everything i learn will be useful...if i choose russia, i have to study another language...still, i didn't change the form yet, cuz i really dont know what i want right is so hard to decide...

then, my mother start telling me about former seniors from my schools who failed to pass the JPA interview..she told me to think about what i really what because this is about my future...after questioning myself again, and again, i decided to change my form a day before the deadline...there it goes...if i get the interview, and passed, i will go to middle east....what??? am i making the right choice????

there must be a reason why ALLAH made my change my form at the last min...

egypt is renowed with the name ard-kinanah and ard-anbiya'...if u look back in history, the earliest civilisation starts at mediterranean sea (mesopotamia) and egypt is one of the earliest country to practice medical..i can improve my skill of communicating in a laguage which i have learnt about 10 years since pre-school ..this would be a really good time for me to practice what i egypt, there are many 'sheikh' where i can improve my understanding about ISLAm, upgarde my IMAN and learn more and more bout the Quran...and at the same time, i can study medic...don't u see that as an advantage?? egypt is an islamic country, so, before i go to western countries, its a very good opportunity to explore an islamic country and to explore the place where many of our prophet stay and tried to tell their ummat to pray for only ALLAh and nothing else... if i study in malaysia, i will be exposed to the 'dying' social problems in this country and i dont really know how tough is my iman to endure the life as a student in Malaysia with all those social problems..i dont want to take the risk..i want to strengthen my heart and my IMAN before im back to become an example to my little sisters and brothers, to my friends and to the society....

the reason why i post this is to put myself focused and creating a mind set before i go there...about 6 days to come..i am sad to leave everything behind but i am going for a really good reason..i will be back soon, with a degree and upgraded Iman in my heart..i will become a better person..looking at my country from a differrent prespective to make a huge change for my own nation and country...just wait for me, i will be back soon...i will give my best to my family, nation, country and most important of all, i will give my best to get ALLAH's barakah...because that is the main reason why we lived in this just looking at myself right now, im nothing...i will become somebody one day...just wait and i goooo !!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

pre-departure program...huhu

12 sept there was a pre departure prog held by MARA lo give us some briefing before our flight to egypt at unikL, jln sultan ismail, kL. All students that will further their studies there this year under MARA have attended this program.there are approximately 200 students (i dont really remember the exact amount, huhu)..

piyah nani n fiza (sempat lagi tu...hehe...kenangan2)

kongsi kutu...hahah ( piyah mcm teletubbis..hahah)

hehe...duduk kat kusi vip...

there are some speech from vip like Y.Bhg. Dato' Mohamad Rais bin Haji Zainuddin and others,then, there are briefing from our travel agents (global tourism and Amazon Travel)..YPIMB insurance, and Bank islam...

we was told about the maximum weight for our luggages..its only 30kg..huh...its not enough..i think i overloaded my lugage...i have to put away some of my stuffs..huwawaaa...i hope i still can bring bebear along though cuz it will 'cry' if i leave it...hahaha...(bear tu gemok..cane la nak sumbt ni...haha)..still we can carry a hand luggage with max weight of 8 kg...hope its enough cuz it exclude the labtop bag...

bebear frust menonggeng tak muat dalam beg...hahaha

i got my flight on 20th sept (as i was told), which is on saturday...alhamdulillah, i got on saturday cuz if i get on monday or wednesday, maybe not everyone could sent me to the airport...this is my last day on M'sia this year..i want to meet them for the last time..huuuuuu.......overall the flight takes about 11 hours and insya allah i will departe at 11:45 p.m and arrive at Cairo airport at 6.00 a.m, huhu....and there's a one-h0ur transit at bombay (huuhu...jgn tertinggal kat sini sudah...hehe)

so, these are some the stuffs i got after we finished the program

etisalat ahlan! nombor mesir...haha + 10 egyptian pound topup!! hehe (it starts with 011)

travel cekkkk...blur2.....

USD..huhu...let the amount be a secret..hehe

plus, we get some cash in RM for cloth expanses and the rest is for ur expenses at alexandria for 6 MONTH!! that means i have to plan my own financial from now house rent, buy food, pay bills..huuuu... (luckily for first year, we have to stay at the apartment bought by MARA)

after that, we planned to go home but the traffic was sooooo terrible so ayah marinah decided to (me,marinah n nabihah...tumpang ayah marinah) break fast at klcc! huhu...(tak sempat shopping pun..hehe) so i guess, this is the last time i visit here for this year...huhu..


ngan marinah menuggu lift..hehe

the place where we a thailand restaurant ( ayah marinah blanje!! ehhehe)

snap snap!
air pancut kat blkang tu..weeeee~ sad...cuz i will leave behind my family and loved one...huwwaaa...i will get through it...this is a sacrifice i have to make in order to become a doctor!! goo00ooo fiza!! all my frens that will go to egypt to...lets us all cry together...huwaaaaa!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ayat-ayat cinta

familiar with this tittle?? huhu...mmgla, cite novel laris yang telah difilemkan tula...karya novel Habiburrahman El Shirazy and directed by Hanung Bramantyo n pelakon2 wanita yang cun2 (yang hero cam kureng, hehe..but still...ok2)

actually, im really not a fan of reading love novels but my frens always talk and i saw they borrewed the book (actually, only one person had the book but they take turs to read it..its normal..haha)..tajuk pun mcm menarik je..tapi mcm mlas je nak amik tadi, terdengar lagu theme dia sang by rossa entittled ayat2 cinta..bile da denga n hayati lyrics, i feel interested to watch the movie...luckily, jumpela kat u tube...hehe....layan jela cte tu...

sincerly, mmg cte ni sgt2 best, meaningful, and very touching...maybe ramai dah tgk n bace novel cte ni but just want to share...huhu...skang ni rase mcm nak cari novel dia plak...teringin nak bace la plak...hihihihi...its about a sacrifice for love fi sabillillah...and halangan2,dalam percintaan, menggambarkan percintaan berlandaskan islam, ang sikit sebanyak kehidupan di mesir (walupon shooting kat india and indonesia..huhu) and at the same time, terdengar la ayat2 bahasa arab amiyah yang dipelajari di ukm...huhu...bes plak bile faham ape yang dia ckp (part yang bahase arab tu...)

dlam cte ni termasuk la jugak cinta yang berempat segi, atau berlima segi, tak tahula...sebab hero tu ramai sgt peminat....huhu...but walupon ramai wanita yang menginginkan fakhri, fakhri hanya benar2 mencintai aisya....huhu...yela..dia tertarik pada aisya mase dia bagi tempat duduk kat org amerika yang sakit dlam tren.and pertahankan perlakuannya walupun ade la orng yang narrow minded bantah...aaahh...nak tau tgk je la...maria yang dah lame jadi jiran dia, yang dia kenal, dia tahu maria tu baik (wlupon dia bkn islam) tapi dia tak fall into her.yang lain2 tu maybe wanita2 tu yang lebih tertarik pada kelembutan ati dan kebaikan fakhri tu...

pastu, fakhri kawinla ngn aisyah ni wlupon fakhri 'dilamar' oleh sorang wanita bernama nurul (yang dia dah kenal2 dgn family tapi ati tetap nak kat aisya..) nurul ni plak taktau ape masalahnye, smapi ftnah fahkri rogol dia.,(padahal orng len) sbb fakhri tak balas surat cinta dia..
so, dia masukla penjara..aisya kan baru je kawin dgn fahkri, dia jadi ragu2 sape fakhri sebenarnye...dia pon watla 'research'..huhu...pastu dia tau fahkri tu baik dia cari la peguam nak bela.tapi takde bukti..arghh...panjang plak nak cte...tapi, ade kaitan la dgn maria sebab maria je bole jadi saksi n buktikan fakhri tak besalah...masalahnye, si perogol tu dah langga si maria smpai dia koma,...

mase maria sakit hampir sampai ajal, aisya yang da jadi isteri fakhri tu, sanggup berkorban sebab dia rase maria ade harapan jadi muslimah and bole keluarkan fakhri dari, dia suruhla si fakhri kawin ngn maria...time aksi2 manje and romantik maria n fakhri (dah kawinla time tu), bygkan la perasaan dia mcm mane...tapi pengorbanan yang dia wat sebab dia nak islamkan maria, and selamatkan nyawa maria...huhu...part yang dia beli baju baby (time tu tgah mengandung), bile dia nampak ade psangn lain, tapi dia beli sorang2 je...huwaaaa....sedih tul yang tu...

so...nak cte panjang la plak...ending dia, maria meninggal dalam iman dan fakhri bebas dari, at last, fakhri bersama dgn orang yang benar2 dia cinta...tidak sia2 pengorbanan mereka...hahhahahahar... (emosi la plak)..

so, ni ade link ke cte tu kat u-tube...sape lum tgk, bole la tgk...hehehehe (pastu pepandai la korang cari yang sambung2 dia, huhu)

Monday, September 8, 2008

~susahnyeee nak cari,,,,,,~

kenape ek, bile pergi je kedai, susah nak cari baju? bukan takde baju tapi takde yang menepati citarasa...huhu..

bile pergi ke section baju2 perempuan kat parkson, giant, mane2 tempatla...mesti mcm2 style ade..dah elok2 panjang, sleeveless la pulak...dah elok2 lengan panjang, ketat pulak...hmm...kalu seluar, sume nak bg style yang sendat kat ujung kaki...tak pun, boot cut.mcm2.yela, brand overc...maybe susah nak cari...

lepastu pergi la kat tempat yang ade jual baju2 berfesyen muslimah ni...hmm...kalu ade, mesti harga mahal, rm60,70..tapi style dia mcm baju orang tua...hehe..pastu mmg kalu pergi kedai mcm tu, sekeliling kite mmg orng yang berumor 30, 40 an...lepastu, tak tau la kenape ek, baju mcm tu mesti jarang2....ade2 je...tapi seluar maybe ok kot...cume price dia...mahal sketla...

contoh fesyen berpakaian......

tapi, at the same time, rase cam tak berkenan jugak dengan style 'muslimah remaja' yang banyak dalam magazine...sebab pakaian diaorang byak yang membalut aurat n bukan menutup aurat...lepas tu, tudung yang diorang pakai mesti nampak leher...tak pun tak menutup dada..tak menepati citarase jugak...hmmm..bile ade dijual, terpampang tulis, 'baju berfesyen muslimah' tapi menghampakan bile jumpe yang ketat, jarang...berfesyen ade batasnye....
ini cuma pendapat je...sumeorang ade pendapat masing2...huhu

mane nak cari baju ni.... nak cari yang cantik, bergaye n menutup aurat....dan harga berpatutan.... takpe2.. bile da besar nnti, akan ku buka butik pakaian yang menepati citarase ku ini.. huarghahahahhahahaha.........

p/s : gambar sekadar hiasan sahaja....

.: saf :.

hm...its been a long time since i didn't update this blog...quite buzy with packing and shopping and peforming those annual things we do every Ramadhan...cakap pasal saf solat ni, just want to share my experience when i follow tarawikh in certain mosque (cuz sometimes i do it at different place,huhu..), every time the imam recite the iqamah n tell everyone to 'rapatkan saf', there are certain yang penuhkan saf depan tapi ade jugak yang tak nak beralih, maybe sebab their position is under the fan or maybe because they bring along their, takpela, yang nak rapatkan tu just penuhkan ruang yang ade...tapi, masalahnye, between one person and another, there is quite a gap sampai rase boleh kot muat sorang lagi kalu anjak sikit..i dont know why, seolah2 they want to have their own 'private site'...what's the meaning of peforming solat jemaah, i am quite dissapointed back then...when i was in maahad, they really take a deep look about rapatkan saf sampaikan orang belakang boleh tarik orang depan untuk rapatkan gap tu...
some hadith on merapatkan saf...

Diriwayatkan dari Jabir bin Samirah ia berkata, “Rasulullah bersabda, “Tidakkah kalian ingin berbaris, sebagaimana para malaikat berbaris di hadapan Rabb mereka.” Maka kami bertanya, “Bagaimanakah para malaikat berbaris di hadapan Rabb?’ Beliau menjawab, “Mereka menyempurnakan barisan yang depan dan saling merapat di dalam saf.” (Hadis Riwayat Muslim, no. 430)

Dari Abu Hurairah, Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda, “Seandainya orang-orang tahu (pahala) yang terdapat di dalam seruan (azan) dan barisan (saf) pertama kemudian mereka tidak mendapatkan cara untuk mencapainya kecuali dengan cara melakukan undian, pasti mereka akan mengadakannya.” (Hadis Riwayat Bukhari, no. 615. Muslim, no. 137)

its not that hard to rapatkan saf...right?just be close to the person beside u when you are peforming solat jemaah..

lepastu, yang menyedihkan, da abis solat, semua cabut lari, tak nak cuz we dont know each other but still, we are related in terms of muslims...i guess maybe many of us didn't realize that...skarang pon, orang bagi salam pada orang yang diorang kenal i heard,it's one of tanda2 kecil hari qiamat when people gives salam just to the person they know..(i realize it in myself, cuz even i didnt give salam to all person...tgk tempatla...)..just giving opinion and at the same time untuk muhasabah diri...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

ramadhan al-mubarak

More RAMADHAN graphics

hm...20 days to go...hope im strong enough! salam ramadhan pada semua..hehe

Friday, August 22, 2008

.: BTN :. (11 August 08- 15 August 08)

BTN, BTN..what is BTN? huhu..its a compulsary camp-like activity for each student who wishes to further their studies overseas...BTN stands for Biro Tata Negara... (kind like PLKN but PLkn is more fun and longer i guess,huhu)..

so, because i went to BTn later from my frens (MARA 1st intake to alexandria), i had no frens at all that time...iskh2...but still i has some frens from MARA 2nd intake (monsurah) ... i dont like to write much bout it and i knew that viewers don't like to read a lot as, here's some pictures that i snapped along those tiring days at KEM Bumi Jati, Shah Alam....

lepas berkubang..mmg buang trus sluar tu...takle ilang...hahaha

dengan panggil dier kakak...tak pasal2 aku jadi adik plak...huh


wa....da wangi2...(wangi la sgt, bju pakai berulang2 kali..haha)

boys from my 4.. malas nak tulis sape dalam ni...tak ingat sgt..hahah

what do i get from BTN??? hm.... a lot...some that i can share...because im not good with words, hehe( sanye malas laa...)

1. be thankful that you are in an independant country

2.i should play my role as a muslim and as a MALAY your eyes and your mind right now cause the danger will come from somewhere you might not guess...

4.beware of the AMericanation (cuz u might be one).the best thing is have strong faith in ur own religion ( for me absolutely IMAN and ISLAM)

5. many...i want to explode...huarghhh

actually there's a lot more things...u will learn the true meaning of freedom, the history and sacrifices made by the previous leadears of MALAYSIA, what is ur priority right now, why is it important to protect the freedom we many, to many...but i dont feel that its a waste of time cuz its meaningful and really had widen my mind, give me more courage to rebuilt this country, become an excellent doctor one day...u will know if u go to BTN..n btw, the food is delicious as well..hehehe...

.: 22 august 08 :.

erm...missing sumone currently...
but at the same time im happy..cuz tadi jumpe ngn besfren kejap..atiqah zulazmi..
lup u my fren...
nie gamba die...hehe..jgn mara
about the person i miss..hehe...let it be a secret...missing that person so much..huarghahahaha...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the reason ( late attending btn) haha~

so..ramai la plak tanye kat aku, kenape la g BTN lambat..kalu korang jadi aku pon, korang akan pilih ape yang aku pilih..huhu~

actually, that 11th julai 08, there's an award in an event called 'MALAM ANUGERAH UEM' that event, my part for that award is just a small part from the UEM award because that night, they give awards to those companies under UEM (which stands for united engineers malaysia) which had achieved excellent performance in their, here is some pictures in that event...
certificate..huhu (dia frame siap)
all winners...(nampak tak aku yang baju kuning tudung itam tu...hehehe)

budget cam top sgt la...hehe
dui..lapanye..bile nak serve makanan nii..

with bapak...

sumptous dessert...tiramisu cake with vanilla ice-cream with chocolate topping (the other one, i dont really know what it is...but it is sure delicious!! hehe)

hm...tak dapat la nak bwak g mesir (what for??)...amik gmb jadik la...hehe

rise on shinning stars...huhu

so..if u have to make a choice between BTN and this award...hehe...
u are served with mouth-watering food, get award (which was cheque worth rm1000.00 and a certificate) and everyone had their eyes on you...rather then go to BTN..not that i cant go BTn in the next session, right?(eventhough i dont really have friends from my class, hehe)

p/s:credits to mami faridah for submitting my form...hehe...and to all who inspires me,...thank u, thank u..(haha., amik anugerah ape je)

Friday, August 8, 2008

<< between love and obsession >>

  • Love is a relationship of caring and giving.
  • Obsession is a display of power.
  • Love is submergence of ego, while obsession involves display of ego.
  • Confusing obsession with love is like drinking poison when one wants to have milk.
  • Real love is nurturing and helps people grow but obsession is debilitating (makes weak) and takes away from the psyche (psycology side) of the person caught up in it
  • You're crushing if you occasionally drive by his house. You're obsessing if you drive by daily or park there.
  • You're crushing if you gaze at her in class. You're obsessing if you spy on her
  • You're crushing if you e-mail/IM him. You're obsessing if you read his personal e-mails.
  • You're crushing if you call her sometimes. You're obsessing if you call over and over.
  • You're crushing if you long to hook up with him. You're obsessing if you fantasize about getting rid of his girlfriend.
  • You're crushing if you keep a newspaper photo of her. You're obsessing if you secretly take a picture of her.

  • You're crushing if you ask him out. You're obsessing if you pressure him to date you after he's turned you down.

Love is more than a PHYSICAL longing, although physical attraction is definitely a key ingredient in any romantic relationship, and if all you have between you is attraction you’re not really in love.

Really loving another person takes time, it takes perseverance and it can’t be based on physical attraction alone. Until you KNOW somebody WELL you can’t really be in love.

Obsessive feelings are often mistaken for love because people rationalize that, “It must be love if I can’t think of anyone else.”

People in an obsessed state have a ONE-TRACK mind where the other person is concerned to the point where they often lose touch with WHO they are as an individual.

If you feel like you have lost yourself, if you are always striving to please your partner without them doing the same for you, and if you find yourself making all your decisions in your life based on the feelings and needs of the other person you are obsessed and not in a real love relationship.

Obsession means to have your thoughts dominated by one single idea. If you are obsessed with someone you love, you think you live entirely for another person. It's the (huge) difference between "He's important in my life" and "He's the only thing that's important in my life."

appearence in not everything thus it matter in a is important but its not to allah is everything...


aritu g pusanika..kiorang balun lagi satu kek tiramisu kat kedai fav kitorng tu...haha..tapi kali ni tak daptla free..bankrupt la plak kang...sanye niat pegi dgn ati tulus ikhlas suci nak derma darah tapi last2, dia dah nak tutp booth to,pdahal blum kul 5 lagi...bengang punya pasal, kitorg pon balun la tiramisu...haha

tak sampai 5 minit, kek ini telah dibalun oleh 6 orang...ha..yang ni ketua dia la..hahaha..sampai tak sempat nak amik gambar kek tu time full..

echa,nani,mysarah,safiyyah n fza (debb camera gurl time ni)..tggu bas sambil tu begamba...haha

sanye..just nak spend mase sebelom pegi mesir...huhu...nak enjoy kat malaysia dlu kan kan kan...huwaaa

.: Trip to HUKM :.

4/08/08- trip to HUKM in KL...could not describe more..just can chronicle those moments with pictures.. (which by the way was probhited by the administration, but I accidently took it before i, lucky me..hehe)

this was inside the bus...before we arrived..(muke epi je padahal nak pegi hospital..)

main entrance (universiti kebangsaan malaysia kampus kuala lumpur)

full of courage climbing the stairs of success (haha,lawak je)

anotmny arcade (briefing while showing a specimen of plastinised hand)

(tgn org mati yang diawet tu..len mcm je rase bile pgg) way of preserving body parts from corpse for medical education

what are you looking at are real dead's men head, cut off into half and preserved in the jar

real feotus died before he could live

feet...real one..

again...real human brains

preserved corpse since quite a long time...a 10-years-old boy died because of blood poisoning (excess alcohol or drugs)
taking a closer look (mke cuak)
the only thing which is not real..hehe..time ni baru mke tak cuak
so there u have first,when i enter the anatomy arcade, i looked at the specimens, i thought, wow...they made those body parts so real...after taking a closer look..its real...and thats when i can feel the nerve coming down my spine..huhu..and with the corpse with the smell of formalin at first discomfart me..but, that is what i will breathe in in the future..and sometimes makes me think again about becoming a doctor..but i will not loose my, nothing is going to change my mind..i will endure it...insya allah...