Sunday, August 31, 2008

ramadhan al-mubarak

More RAMADHAN graphics

hm...20 days to go...hope im strong enough! salam ramadhan pada semua..hehe

Friday, August 22, 2008

.: BTN :. (11 August 08- 15 August 08)

BTN, BTN..what is BTN? huhu..its a compulsary camp-like activity for each student who wishes to further their studies overseas...BTN stands for Biro Tata Negara... (kind like PLKN but PLkn is more fun and longer i guess,huhu)..

so, because i went to BTn later from my frens (MARA 1st intake to alexandria), i had no frens at all that time...iskh2...but still i has some frens from MARA 2nd intake (monsurah) ... i dont like to write much bout it and i knew that viewers don't like to read a lot as, here's some pictures that i snapped along those tiring days at KEM Bumi Jati, Shah Alam....

lepas berkubang..mmg buang trus sluar tu...takle ilang...hahaha

dengan panggil dier kakak...tak pasal2 aku jadi adik plak...huh


wa....da wangi2...(wangi la sgt, bju pakai berulang2 kali..haha)

boys from my 4.. malas nak tulis sape dalam ni...tak ingat sgt..hahah

what do i get from BTN??? hm.... a lot...some that i can share...because im not good with words, hehe( sanye malas laa...)

1. be thankful that you are in an independant country

2.i should play my role as a muslim and as a MALAY your eyes and your mind right now cause the danger will come from somewhere you might not guess...

4.beware of the AMericanation (cuz u might be one).the best thing is have strong faith in ur own religion ( for me absolutely IMAN and ISLAM)

5. many...i want to explode...huarghhh

actually there's a lot more things...u will learn the true meaning of freedom, the history and sacrifices made by the previous leadears of MALAYSIA, what is ur priority right now, why is it important to protect the freedom we many, to many...but i dont feel that its a waste of time cuz its meaningful and really had widen my mind, give me more courage to rebuilt this country, become an excellent doctor one day...u will know if u go to BTN..n btw, the food is delicious as well..hehehe...

.: 22 august 08 :.

erm...missing sumone currently...
but at the same time im happy..cuz tadi jumpe ngn besfren kejap..atiqah zulazmi..
lup u my fren...
nie gamba die...hehe..jgn mara
about the person i miss..hehe...let it be a secret...missing that person so much..huarghahahaha...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the reason ( late attending btn) haha~

so..ramai la plak tanye kat aku, kenape la g BTN lambat..kalu korang jadi aku pon, korang akan pilih ape yang aku pilih..huhu~

actually, that 11th julai 08, there's an award in an event called 'MALAM ANUGERAH UEM' that event, my part for that award is just a small part from the UEM award because that night, they give awards to those companies under UEM (which stands for united engineers malaysia) which had achieved excellent performance in their, here is some pictures in that event...
certificate..huhu (dia frame siap)
all winners...(nampak tak aku yang baju kuning tudung itam tu...hehehe)

budget cam top sgt la...hehe
dui..lapanye..bile nak serve makanan nii..

with bapak...

sumptous dessert...tiramisu cake with vanilla ice-cream with chocolate topping (the other one, i dont really know what it is...but it is sure delicious!! hehe)

hm...tak dapat la nak bwak g mesir (what for??)...amik gmb jadik la...hehe

rise on shinning stars...huhu

so..if u have to make a choice between BTN and this award...hehe...
u are served with mouth-watering food, get award (which was cheque worth rm1000.00 and a certificate) and everyone had their eyes on you...rather then go to BTN..not that i cant go BTn in the next session, right?(eventhough i dont really have friends from my class, hehe)

p/s:credits to mami faridah for submitting my form...hehe...and to all who inspires me,...thank u, thank u..(haha., amik anugerah ape je)

Friday, August 8, 2008

<< between love and obsession >>

  • Love is a relationship of caring and giving.
  • Obsession is a display of power.
  • Love is submergence of ego, while obsession involves display of ego.
  • Confusing obsession with love is like drinking poison when one wants to have milk.
  • Real love is nurturing and helps people grow but obsession is debilitating (makes weak) and takes away from the psyche (psycology side) of the person caught up in it
  • You're crushing if you occasionally drive by his house. You're obsessing if you drive by daily or park there.
  • You're crushing if you gaze at her in class. You're obsessing if you spy on her
  • You're crushing if you e-mail/IM him. You're obsessing if you read his personal e-mails.
  • You're crushing if you call her sometimes. You're obsessing if you call over and over.
  • You're crushing if you long to hook up with him. You're obsessing if you fantasize about getting rid of his girlfriend.
  • You're crushing if you keep a newspaper photo of her. You're obsessing if you secretly take a picture of her.

  • You're crushing if you ask him out. You're obsessing if you pressure him to date you after he's turned you down.

Love is more than a PHYSICAL longing, although physical attraction is definitely a key ingredient in any romantic relationship, and if all you have between you is attraction you’re not really in love.

Really loving another person takes time, it takes perseverance and it can’t be based on physical attraction alone. Until you KNOW somebody WELL you can’t really be in love.

Obsessive feelings are often mistaken for love because people rationalize that, “It must be love if I can’t think of anyone else.”

People in an obsessed state have a ONE-TRACK mind where the other person is concerned to the point where they often lose touch with WHO they are as an individual.

If you feel like you have lost yourself, if you are always striving to please your partner without them doing the same for you, and if you find yourself making all your decisions in your life based on the feelings and needs of the other person you are obsessed and not in a real love relationship.

Obsession means to have your thoughts dominated by one single idea. If you are obsessed with someone you love, you think you live entirely for another person. It's the (huge) difference between "He's important in my life" and "He's the only thing that's important in my life."

appearence in not everything thus it matter in a is important but its not to allah is everything...


aritu g pusanika..kiorang balun lagi satu kek tiramisu kat kedai fav kitorng tu...haha..tapi kali ni tak daptla free..bankrupt la plak kang...sanye niat pegi dgn ati tulus ikhlas suci nak derma darah tapi last2, dia dah nak tutp booth to,pdahal blum kul 5 lagi...bengang punya pasal, kitorg pon balun la tiramisu...haha

tak sampai 5 minit, kek ini telah dibalun oleh 6 orang...ha..yang ni ketua dia la..hahaha..sampai tak sempat nak amik gambar kek tu time full..

echa,nani,mysarah,safiyyah n fza (debb camera gurl time ni)..tggu bas sambil tu begamba...haha

sanye..just nak spend mase sebelom pegi mesir...huhu...nak enjoy kat malaysia dlu kan kan kan...huwaaa

.: Trip to HUKM :.

4/08/08- trip to HUKM in KL...could not describe more..just can chronicle those moments with pictures.. (which by the way was probhited by the administration, but I accidently took it before i, lucky me..hehe)

this was inside the bus...before we arrived..(muke epi je padahal nak pegi hospital..)

main entrance (universiti kebangsaan malaysia kampus kuala lumpur)

full of courage climbing the stairs of success (haha,lawak je)

anotmny arcade (briefing while showing a specimen of plastinised hand)

(tgn org mati yang diawet tu..len mcm je rase bile pgg) way of preserving body parts from corpse for medical education

what are you looking at are real dead's men head, cut off into half and preserved in the jar

real feotus died before he could live

feet...real one..

again...real human brains

preserved corpse since quite a long time...a 10-years-old boy died because of blood poisoning (excess alcohol or drugs)
taking a closer look (mke cuak)
the only thing which is not real..hehe..time ni baru mke tak cuak
so there u have first,when i enter the anatomy arcade, i looked at the specimens, i thought, wow...they made those body parts so real...after taking a closer look..its real...and thats when i can feel the nerve coming down my spine..huhu..and with the corpse with the smell of formalin at first discomfart me..but, that is what i will breathe in in the future..and sometimes makes me think again about becoming a doctor..but i will not loose my, nothing is going to change my mind..i will endure it...insya allah...

Friday, August 1, 2008

.: crying doctor (huhu) :.

recently, i went to Hospital Kajang to visit my grandfather (which i prefer to call nana) who had diabetes melitus (kencing manis) cuz he suddenly fainted at his the time we get there, he was unconscious and quite weak. the doctor has to take his blood sample to determine the level of glucose in his body.there was this Chinese doctor (still in practical, I guess) who has to take his blood sample.btw, taking blood sample is a basic task need to be mastered by all doctors to-be and also nurses...

the first try, the doctor injected the needle in his arm, but he didn't get the blood sample.maybe he cant find the main vein, as my grandfather had dark he tried the second time,failed.maybe because the blood pressure was too low, because usually in a procedure of taking blood samples, we have to actually grab our fingers together, ensuring that the vein could be seen . so the third time, the fourth, he failed to suck the blood out.untill nana 's arm is tied to the bed so that he could see the vein.i could hear the doctor said "tahan sikit ya pakcik (chinese slang),"my nana was quite conscious that moment and he had to endure the pain because of the pointy was clear from the look in his face.that moment, the chinese doctor (by the way,that doctor is a male doctor) was dripping with tears..and i saw it live!! the chinese doctor said maybe he had to take blood sample from his neck..more risky.. he was helped by another female nurse and try to take the blood sample again from the vein and with tears dripping, he tried again and manage to get it..(i bet that tears he had turned to tears of joy!)

taking blood samples is a basic skill need to be mastered by doctors and nurses

so, as for me, when i saw that doctor, i become quite anxious..can i do it?? when i have to take blood sample for my medical check up to be submitted to MARA, (i do it at az-zahrah) the nurse (which was female) took only seconds to take my blood sample so i thought, it will be shallow-minded of me..i am a healthy young girl who has fair skin(i guess) and can grab my fingers easily., and not all the time i will face that kind of patient. that chinese doctor actually cried! huhu...hopefully i can do is just taking blood samples anyway...hmm..

always starts your action with bismillahirahmanirrahim (thats what the nurse did at az-zahrah,hehe) so i guess you can do it calmly...huhu

>> L.O.V.E <<

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

Life is one fool thing after another where as love is two fool things after each other.

Death can not stop true love, it can only delay it for a little while.

True love stories never have endings.

Love is not a matter of counting the years --it's making the years count.

You can't buy love, but you can pay heavily for it.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

p/s: cinta hakiki cinta Illahi...huhuhu

>> MARA essay (interview) <<

so,this is the essay I submitted in the previous interview I attended for MARA scholarship..hope it will help anyone who needs to write and essay for the next MARA interview or it is..huhu



Dr. Nur Hafiza that is what people will address me one day. My full name is Nur Hafiza Binti Hasan Ganny. My previous school was SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang, Selangor. I am the second of seven in my family. I turn seventeen in last October and becoming eighteen in this October. My father, Hasan Ganny Hanif Francis is a chief executive officer in Time Quantam Technology Snd. Bhd. and my mother, Rohayati Binti Mohd. Junid is a teacher in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah. I have a brother which now still doing his foundation course in Malaysia France Institute and 3 little sisters, two of them in secondary school, one in primary school. Two little brothers, one of them in secondary school and the other one is in kindergarten.


I studied in SK Subang Jaya from 1997 until 1999 and then, I continue my primary education in Arous al-Bahr international school for six month in Saudi Arabia. Next, I studied in SK Kajang Utama from 2000 until 2002 and manage to get 5A’s for my UPSR examination. I had my secondary education in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah from form 1 until form 5. For my PMR examination I got 9A’s while for my SPM examination, I got 12 1A and 1 2A.


I joined several activities held by my school and represented my school in several competition. I am vice president of the netball club and joined the public speaking society in 2006. I am one of the team who represented the club to the debate competition held in school and managed to get second place. I also represented the school in ping- pong competition in district level and my team was qualified to the semi-finals. During 2007, I was the co-editor of the school magazine crew (al- Mustaqim). I am also a librarian prefect that year. I joined the tennis club and the library club and I was the treasurer for both of the club. I represented the school to the badminton competition in district level and the Gerak Gempur Anti-Dadah Marathon. Other activities were Biology Quiz and Student Environment Awareness Camp in 2006, Bahasa Malaysia Literature Quiz, Science National Challenge, Chemistry National Quiz, Physic National Quiz in 2007. My school awarded me with ‘Anugerah Khas Korurikulum’ for the co-curricular activities I joined and ‘Anugerah Pengetua’ for excellent achievement in academic.

Education plan and future career

I want to be a specialist in obstetrics and gnaecology or a pediatrician. Obstetrician and gynecologist are specialists who deal with female reproductive organs, pregnancy and childbirth. There are many simple and logical reasons why I and some of us choose to be one. For me, it is not just because of interest and compassion only but because it is a responsibility. We know that nowadays, there are not enough doctors in Malaysia as the ratio of doctors to patients are 1:1300. Thus, the occupation as a doctor is always available as the number of population varies from time to time. In my opinion, I as a Muslim have to fulfill this responsibility to reduce the ratio of doctors to patient and increase the number of female obstetrician and gynecologist as nowadays, there are quite a number of male obstetricians and gynecologists. Patients may feel uncomfortable when dealing with male obstetricians and gynecologists because they have to reveal their intimate part of body to them. So, as a Muslim who is capable, passionate and have the courage to deal with the risk of being obstetrician and gynecologist, I feel it is my responsibility to be one. Who else if it is not me who should fulfill the responsibility? .Having the courage, strong ambition and compassion in myself puts me into fulfilling it.

After doing some research on universities and the flow of my future education, I plan to continue my studies in Egypt as an undergraduate student in medical and have a degree in this field for five years. Before that, I have to attend three month of Arabic language foundation in INTEC or selected local institute. I will attend to the university that will be offered to me which is determined by the authorities. Some renowned universities sponsored by JPA and MARA in Egypt are Cairo University, Alexandria University and Mansoura University. Cairo University is among the best world-rank medical university so, that is my target university. After five years of studying medical, I will have to work at any government hospitals for at least three years before I can have my Master as a postgraduate student to be a specialist in certain field.

I plan to take Master of obstetrics and gnaecology (MObGyn) in local university for about three to four years. University of Malaya and Universiti Sains Malaysia are among the best local medical universities which provide further education for medical postgraduate students. I choose to have my Master in local university as I soon will work for my country so; I will be exposed to the real situation and the kind of patient that I will soon deal with. Furthermore, our universities do have their own specialty and do become the attraction to the foreign students from the whole world.

After I got my Master in obstetrics and gnaecology, I plan to work at the hospital where I was born in, SJMC, Subang Jaya Medical Centre or maybe in any hospital which has insufficient obstetrician and gnaecologist. I plan to save huge amount of money so that one day, I can open my own medical centre. This may sound too ambitious but we have to set a benchmark so that, when our minds have set a goal, they will give a powerful effect to our actions. We will really work hard and strive for what we really want. ‘Aim for the moon, if you fall, you will fall amongst the stars’, this quote shows that we must have a strong ambition so, even though we did not manage to reach it, we are pretty close.

so that's just can see that i wrote UNIVERSITY OF ALEXENDRIA in my list. so, i pretty much get what i requested even though regretted that i forgot to add JUST which was located in Jordan which is a top-ranking university especially for medic..the reason is because I thought that MARA did'nt send medical students to Jordan anymore because of the high living cost...huwaa..its ok...I am thankful for what I had achieved until this point..alhamdulillah...I will do my best!!! huarghhh!!!

p/s: credits to Farhanah Tajuruddin for checking my grammar mistakes...hehehehe (quite weak in my English grammar..huhu)