Friday, August 8, 2008

.: Trip to HUKM :.

4/08/08- trip to HUKM in KL...could not describe more..just can chronicle those moments with pictures.. (which by the way was probhited by the administration, but I accidently took it before i, lucky me..hehe)

this was inside the bus...before we arrived..(muke epi je padahal nak pegi hospital..)

main entrance (universiti kebangsaan malaysia kampus kuala lumpur)

full of courage climbing the stairs of success (haha,lawak je)

anotmny arcade (briefing while showing a specimen of plastinised hand)

(tgn org mati yang diawet tu..len mcm je rase bile pgg) way of preserving body parts from corpse for medical education

what are you looking at are real dead's men head, cut off into half and preserved in the jar

real feotus died before he could live

feet...real one..

again...real human brains

preserved corpse since quite a long time...a 10-years-old boy died because of blood poisoning (excess alcohol or drugs)
taking a closer look (mke cuak)
the only thing which is not real..hehe..time ni baru mke tak cuak
so there u have first,when i enter the anatomy arcade, i looked at the specimens, i thought, wow...they made those body parts so real...after taking a closer look..its real...and thats when i can feel the nerve coming down my spine..huhu..and with the corpse with the smell of formalin at first discomfart me..but, that is what i will breathe in in the future..and sometimes makes me think again about becoming a doctor..but i will not loose my, nothing is going to change my mind..i will endure it...insya allah...

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