Friday, August 1, 2008

>> MARA essay (interview) <<

so,this is the essay I submitted in the previous interview I attended for MARA scholarship..hope it will help anyone who needs to write and essay for the next MARA interview or it is..huhu



Dr. Nur Hafiza that is what people will address me one day. My full name is Nur Hafiza Binti Hasan Ganny. My previous school was SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang, Selangor. I am the second of seven in my family. I turn seventeen in last October and becoming eighteen in this October. My father, Hasan Ganny Hanif Francis is a chief executive officer in Time Quantam Technology Snd. Bhd. and my mother, Rohayati Binti Mohd. Junid is a teacher in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah. I have a brother which now still doing his foundation course in Malaysia France Institute and 3 little sisters, two of them in secondary school, one in primary school. Two little brothers, one of them in secondary school and the other one is in kindergarten.


I studied in SK Subang Jaya from 1997 until 1999 and then, I continue my primary education in Arous al-Bahr international school for six month in Saudi Arabia. Next, I studied in SK Kajang Utama from 2000 until 2002 and manage to get 5A’s for my UPSR examination. I had my secondary education in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah from form 1 until form 5. For my PMR examination I got 9A’s while for my SPM examination, I got 12 1A and 1 2A.


I joined several activities held by my school and represented my school in several competition. I am vice president of the netball club and joined the public speaking society in 2006. I am one of the team who represented the club to the debate competition held in school and managed to get second place. I also represented the school in ping- pong competition in district level and my team was qualified to the semi-finals. During 2007, I was the co-editor of the school magazine crew (al- Mustaqim). I am also a librarian prefect that year. I joined the tennis club and the library club and I was the treasurer for both of the club. I represented the school to the badminton competition in district level and the Gerak Gempur Anti-Dadah Marathon. Other activities were Biology Quiz and Student Environment Awareness Camp in 2006, Bahasa Malaysia Literature Quiz, Science National Challenge, Chemistry National Quiz, Physic National Quiz in 2007. My school awarded me with ‘Anugerah Khas Korurikulum’ for the co-curricular activities I joined and ‘Anugerah Pengetua’ for excellent achievement in academic.

Education plan and future career

I want to be a specialist in obstetrics and gnaecology or a pediatrician. Obstetrician and gynecologist are specialists who deal with female reproductive organs, pregnancy and childbirth. There are many simple and logical reasons why I and some of us choose to be one. For me, it is not just because of interest and compassion only but because it is a responsibility. We know that nowadays, there are not enough doctors in Malaysia as the ratio of doctors to patients are 1:1300. Thus, the occupation as a doctor is always available as the number of population varies from time to time. In my opinion, I as a Muslim have to fulfill this responsibility to reduce the ratio of doctors to patient and increase the number of female obstetrician and gynecologist as nowadays, there are quite a number of male obstetricians and gynecologists. Patients may feel uncomfortable when dealing with male obstetricians and gynecologists because they have to reveal their intimate part of body to them. So, as a Muslim who is capable, passionate and have the courage to deal with the risk of being obstetrician and gynecologist, I feel it is my responsibility to be one. Who else if it is not me who should fulfill the responsibility? .Having the courage, strong ambition and compassion in myself puts me into fulfilling it.

After doing some research on universities and the flow of my future education, I plan to continue my studies in Egypt as an undergraduate student in medical and have a degree in this field for five years. Before that, I have to attend three month of Arabic language foundation in INTEC or selected local institute. I will attend to the university that will be offered to me which is determined by the authorities. Some renowned universities sponsored by JPA and MARA in Egypt are Cairo University, Alexandria University and Mansoura University. Cairo University is among the best world-rank medical university so, that is my target university. After five years of studying medical, I will have to work at any government hospitals for at least three years before I can have my Master as a postgraduate student to be a specialist in certain field.

I plan to take Master of obstetrics and gnaecology (MObGyn) in local university for about three to four years. University of Malaya and Universiti Sains Malaysia are among the best local medical universities which provide further education for medical postgraduate students. I choose to have my Master in local university as I soon will work for my country so; I will be exposed to the real situation and the kind of patient that I will soon deal with. Furthermore, our universities do have their own specialty and do become the attraction to the foreign students from the whole world.

After I got my Master in obstetrics and gnaecology, I plan to work at the hospital where I was born in, SJMC, Subang Jaya Medical Centre or maybe in any hospital which has insufficient obstetrician and gnaecologist. I plan to save huge amount of money so that one day, I can open my own medical centre. This may sound too ambitious but we have to set a benchmark so that, when our minds have set a goal, they will give a powerful effect to our actions. We will really work hard and strive for what we really want. ‘Aim for the moon, if you fall, you will fall amongst the stars’, this quote shows that we must have a strong ambition so, even though we did not manage to reach it, we are pretty close.

so that's just can see that i wrote UNIVERSITY OF ALEXENDRIA in my list. so, i pretty much get what i requested even though regretted that i forgot to add JUST which was located in Jordan which is a top-ranking university especially for medic..the reason is because I thought that MARA did'nt send medical students to Jordan anymore because of the high living cost...huwaa..its ok...I am thankful for what I had achieved until this point..alhamdulillah...I will do my best!!! huarghhh!!!

p/s: credits to Farhanah Tajuruddin for checking my grammar mistakes...hehehehe (quite weak in my English grammar..huhu)


padilopadilan said...

hehehe... thanks for the essey... =D

shakir said...

hi, thx for sharing, but arent our essay suppose to be 300 words or less?

3rd year said...

salam. what is your feeling now that u get alex instead of cairo? now do u like alex or cairo more? i certainly love alex.

Anonymous said...

hi kak i also want to ask u the essay 4 interview mara must be more than 300 or less..
thanks u...
i need to know it.. =)
can sis send the answer 2 my email

Anonymous said...

i think ur english is really poor. how are u going to communicate well with ur patients later on! PPL like u make poor graduates... u got all the A's in school no big deal!

Anonymous said...

so harsh comment~
where ur manner~
so demotivate~
u worse than ppl who poor in english~
u shold STFU~!!!!
mcm cibai la~
cilake btol~
saket ati ak bace komen atas ni~
kalaw dpan ak die ckp cam2~
xtaw la~
mcm xleyh improve plak english~
bengang giler arggh~

Anonymous said...

english ni penting sgt ke ngn patient??
ish.. sy nk mntak kt sape yg buat k0men yg xmnyenangkan pasal essay dye ni, tl0ng r. pliz..
d0k kut0k2 essay org laen lak..
at least dye ni baek, xbalas p0n pe yg k0 ckap kan?? d0c yg baek la tu..
klau k0 jd d0c??
ade ke psakit nk jmpe k0??

ish3~.. pliz la kwan...

t0, tuan punye bl0g..:
pnjangnye essay ni.. xpe ke lbey 300??