Saturday, July 26, 2008

.: What I want in the next 10 years :.

just want to share and encourage myself to achieve what i, here i go :-

1. Dr. Nur Hafiza (taking master in obstetrics and gnaecology)

hehe..future car, insya allah
2.owning my own car (BMW)

3.married to the person i love hajj at mecca with par

5.isteri solehah..hehe

6.master 1 new language (french or japan or korea, or whatever)

7.have my own house

8.salary with 5 digits before cent,hehe..

9.a better servant to Allah, better then yesterday (upgrade my iman, hehe)

hope that i can achieve them...insya
what do you want in the next 10 years???? huhuhu...think again

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akHi Mohd Alliph said...

Insya-Allah... tp ana rasa much better servant to ALLAH become to the first target...huhuhuuu~~ Salam Perkenalan ;-) suka jenguk blok enti.. (