Sunday, July 20, 2008

.: Dr. Nur Hafiza??? :.

dont be mistaken with the tittle "Dr." because im not a doctor yet.but i will be one in the next six years..this tittle acts as an encouragement for me to work hard and strive for what i want to be one day..hehe...mcm perasan sekejap but i take it positively cuz if u want something u have to set ur mind into it. maybe some people would asked me, why doctor??

most of us consider if you want to become a doctor, its typical.but what it really takes to become one? its not an easy job and people would set in their mind being a doctor is glamorous cuz you have that tittle "dr." in front of your name. For me, its not about having that tittle alone although sometimes its good to set ur mind thinking that to have that tittle, you are a great person. for me, not just being a great person, but being a great muslim as well. You are being respected because you are not just qualified to become one, but you have also endure the pain and the hard work to become a doctor, and for me, that is the thing to be proud of cuz in the same time, people will respect me as a doctor who is a muslim...huhu

what does it takes to be a good doctor??

1. sacrifice. include time, energy, and emotion. it for money or for the sake of humanity? u choose.

3.communication. good communicating skill is crucial as you will deal with patients from various age.

4.lovable. (for those who are impatience and hot-tempered like me, make a change now! hehe)

5. make your work in detail.u are dealing with people's live! ( cuz ade kes patient mati sbb dr. ambil mudah dan tak detail.etc, kalu ade kesakitan yang melibatkan pernafasan and sakit dada, cek dgn detail cuz associated with various kind of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, suffocation,etc. )

6.ethical ( irresponsible doctors, out..hehe)


after you have completed the medical education (including theory and practical) for about five or six years (depending where you study),and complete horsemanship in a gov. hospital after two years( dapt la gaji tapi kerja teruk sket, hehe) you will be called a general practitioner. i planned to have my master and do specialist in...jeng3..

(male obstetrician and gynecologist??? huhu)

its clear why i choose to become an obstetrician and gynecologist one day.hehe..satu, seganla kalu male doctors became specialist in pregnancy and things associated with it. kan bgus kalu there are more female O n G because we are more understanding..hehe..maybe most of the female doctors are emotional cuz there would endure and feel the pain.thats an advantage for male doctors but for me, i prefer to have a female doctor checking me if i want to give birth one day! haha...huhu.. and other reason is i want to be a muslim OnG so that less abortion is carried out ( most of if from irresponsible doctors! huh!!) and so that its easier for muslims seek for the safest, stay i go!!! (tersemangat la plak)

" a person who practices art of healing when he is not acquainted (aware or familiar) with medicine, will be responsible for his action" Hadith Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

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Nisahaz said...

dia nak amik o&g gak...
ok jom sama2 bukak klinik..
cam primanora medical center.. bes ooo.. insyaAllah... =)