Sunday, July 20, 2008

~new life~

currently studying at UKM, 3 months preparation (Arabic language course) for middle east medical students...kat sini mmg belaja je..quite bored but having fun meeting some new friends here..tgk sume kengkawan ade blog makes me, try2 je..hehe.. time is quite packed for me but 'unfortunately' because im studying only arabic language, no homeworks for me..hehe.right now im waiting for my own LAB TOP from MARA.. hope to get it soon cuz its easier for me to do this 'blogging' thing..hehe

with my new friends kat dewan kuliah (safiyyah,mardiyah, me)

i found blogging is quite interesting cuz u can share anything, gain new experience, exchanging taughts, and obtaining new friends..haha..skema nye ayat ni..
lastly, sharing is caring...hehe so i hope for those who are experts in blogging, please give me a hand..hehe

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mimosa pudica said...

Waaa.. fiza..
kite knal safiyyah..
t kim salam kat die au..