Friday, August 22, 2008

.: BTN :. (11 August 08- 15 August 08)

BTN, BTN..what is BTN? huhu..its a compulsary camp-like activity for each student who wishes to further their studies overseas...BTN stands for Biro Tata Negara... (kind like PLKN but PLkn is more fun and longer i guess,huhu)..

so, because i went to BTn later from my frens (MARA 1st intake to alexandria), i had no frens at all that time...iskh2...but still i has some frens from MARA 2nd intake (monsurah) ... i dont like to write much bout it and i knew that viewers don't like to read a lot as, here's some pictures that i snapped along those tiring days at KEM Bumi Jati, Shah Alam....

lepas berkubang..mmg buang trus sluar tu...takle ilang...hahaha

dengan panggil dier kakak...tak pasal2 aku jadi adik plak...huh


wa....da wangi2...(wangi la sgt, bju pakai berulang2 kali..haha)

boys from my 4.. malas nak tulis sape dalam ni...tak ingat sgt..hahah

what do i get from BTN??? hm.... a lot...some that i can share...because im not good with words, hehe( sanye malas laa...)

1. be thankful that you are in an independant country

2.i should play my role as a muslim and as a MALAY your eyes and your mind right now cause the danger will come from somewhere you might not guess...

4.beware of the AMericanation (cuz u might be one).the best thing is have strong faith in ur own religion ( for me absolutely IMAN and ISLAM)

5. many...i want to explode...huarghhh

actually there's a lot more things...u will learn the true meaning of freedom, the history and sacrifices made by the previous leadears of MALAYSIA, what is ur priority right now, why is it important to protect the freedom we many, to many...but i dont feel that its a waste of time cuz its meaningful and really had widen my mind, give me more courage to rebuilt this country, become an excellent doctor one day...u will know if u go to BTN..n btw, the food is delicious as well..hehehe...

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imran said...

yeah..drenched with mud. Stained to the toe. Luckily, i didn't throw away mine as it is not severely 'wounded'.

A nice program after all. But still there's a catch~