Thursday, August 21, 2008

the reason ( late attending btn) haha~

so..ramai la plak tanye kat aku, kenape la g BTN lambat..kalu korang jadi aku pon, korang akan pilih ape yang aku pilih..huhu~

actually, that 11th julai 08, there's an award in an event called 'MALAM ANUGERAH UEM' that event, my part for that award is just a small part from the UEM award because that night, they give awards to those companies under UEM (which stands for united engineers malaysia) which had achieved excellent performance in their, here is some pictures in that event...
certificate..huhu (dia frame siap)
all winners...(nampak tak aku yang baju kuning tudung itam tu...hehehe)

budget cam top sgt la...hehe
dui..lapanye..bile nak serve makanan nii..

with bapak...

sumptous dessert...tiramisu cake with vanilla ice-cream with chocolate topping (the other one, i dont really know what it is...but it is sure delicious!! hehe)

hm...tak dapat la nak bwak g mesir (what for??)...amik gmb jadik la...hehe

rise on shinning stars...huhu

so..if u have to make a choice between BTN and this award...hehe...
u are served with mouth-watering food, get award (which was cheque worth rm1000.00 and a certificate) and everyone had their eyes on you...rather then go to BTN..not that i cant go BTn in the next session, right?(eventhough i dont really have friends from my class, hehe)

p/s:credits to mami faridah for submitting my form...hehe...and to all who inspires me,...thank u, thank u..(haha., amik anugerah ape je)

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