Friday, August 1, 2008

.: crying doctor (huhu) :.

recently, i went to Hospital Kajang to visit my grandfather (which i prefer to call nana) who had diabetes melitus (kencing manis) cuz he suddenly fainted at his the time we get there, he was unconscious and quite weak. the doctor has to take his blood sample to determine the level of glucose in his body.there was this Chinese doctor (still in practical, I guess) who has to take his blood sample.btw, taking blood sample is a basic task need to be mastered by all doctors to-be and also nurses...

the first try, the doctor injected the needle in his arm, but he didn't get the blood sample.maybe he cant find the main vein, as my grandfather had dark he tried the second time,failed.maybe because the blood pressure was too low, because usually in a procedure of taking blood samples, we have to actually grab our fingers together, ensuring that the vein could be seen . so the third time, the fourth, he failed to suck the blood out.untill nana 's arm is tied to the bed so that he could see the vein.i could hear the doctor said "tahan sikit ya pakcik (chinese slang),"my nana was quite conscious that moment and he had to endure the pain because of the pointy was clear from the look in his face.that moment, the chinese doctor (by the way,that doctor is a male doctor) was dripping with tears..and i saw it live!! the chinese doctor said maybe he had to take blood sample from his neck..more risky.. he was helped by another female nurse and try to take the blood sample again from the vein and with tears dripping, he tried again and manage to get it..(i bet that tears he had turned to tears of joy!)

taking blood samples is a basic skill need to be mastered by doctors and nurses

so, as for me, when i saw that doctor, i become quite anxious..can i do it?? when i have to take blood sample for my medical check up to be submitted to MARA, (i do it at az-zahrah) the nurse (which was female) took only seconds to take my blood sample so i thought, it will be shallow-minded of me..i am a healthy young girl who has fair skin(i guess) and can grab my fingers easily., and not all the time i will face that kind of patient. that chinese doctor actually cried! huhu...hopefully i can do is just taking blood samples anyway...hmm..

always starts your action with bismillahirahmanirrahim (thats what the nurse did at az-zahrah,hehe) so i guess you can do it calmly...huhu

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mimosa pudica said...

you know what??
actually nurses have to learn only how to take a blood sample for about 2 or 3 years if i'm not mistaken.
But the docs only learn it by observing if they do not ask to do it esp in overseas.. huhu..
that's why when i was going for my medical check up also at az-zaharah,
the doctor couldn't find my vein because it is too fine. huhu..
then, she called for a help from a nurse..huhu..

that chinese doc cried??
wow!! what a soft-hearted doctor!!