Friday, September 12, 2008

pre-departure program...huhu

12 sept there was a pre departure prog held by MARA lo give us some briefing before our flight to egypt at unikL, jln sultan ismail, kL. All students that will further their studies there this year under MARA have attended this program.there are approximately 200 students (i dont really remember the exact amount, huhu)..

piyah nani n fiza (sempat lagi tu...hehe...kenangan2)

kongsi kutu...hahah ( piyah mcm teletubbis..hahah)

hehe...duduk kat kusi vip...

there are some speech from vip like Y.Bhg. Dato' Mohamad Rais bin Haji Zainuddin and others,then, there are briefing from our travel agents (global tourism and Amazon Travel)..YPIMB insurance, and Bank islam...

we was told about the maximum weight for our luggages..its only 30kg..huh...its not enough..i think i overloaded my lugage...i have to put away some of my stuffs..huwawaaa...i hope i still can bring bebear along though cuz it will 'cry' if i leave it...hahaha...(bear tu gemok..cane la nak sumbt ni...haha)..still we can carry a hand luggage with max weight of 8 kg...hope its enough cuz it exclude the labtop bag...

bebear frust menonggeng tak muat dalam beg...hahaha

i got my flight on 20th sept (as i was told), which is on saturday...alhamdulillah, i got on saturday cuz if i get on monday or wednesday, maybe not everyone could sent me to the airport...this is my last day on M'sia this year..i want to meet them for the last time..huuuuuu.......overall the flight takes about 11 hours and insya allah i will departe at 11:45 p.m and arrive at Cairo airport at 6.00 a.m, huhu....and there's a one-h0ur transit at bombay (huuhu...jgn tertinggal kat sini sudah...hehe)

so, these are some the stuffs i got after we finished the program

etisalat ahlan! nombor mesir...haha + 10 egyptian pound topup!! hehe (it starts with 011)

travel cekkkk...blur2.....

USD..huhu...let the amount be a secret..hehe

plus, we get some cash in RM for cloth expanses and the rest is for ur expenses at alexandria for 6 MONTH!! that means i have to plan my own financial from now house rent, buy food, pay bills..huuuu... (luckily for first year, we have to stay at the apartment bought by MARA)

after that, we planned to go home but the traffic was sooooo terrible so ayah marinah decided to (me,marinah n nabihah...tumpang ayah marinah) break fast at klcc! huhu...(tak sempat shopping pun..hehe) so i guess, this is the last time i visit here for this year...huhu..


ngan marinah menuggu lift..hehe

the place where we a thailand restaurant ( ayah marinah blanje!! ehhehe)

snap snap!
air pancut kat blkang tu..weeeee~ sad...cuz i will leave behind my family and loved one...huwwaaa...i will get through it...this is a sacrifice i have to make in order to become a doctor!! goo00ooo fiza!! all my frens that will go to egypt to...lets us all cry together...huwaaaaa!!!!

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