Friday, February 13, 2009

Skills surviving in egypt~ haha

how to cross the road-
cars are crazy in egypt.but still 'chronic accidents' rarely happen.scrathes and dented cars are comman...and traffic light-as if they did not exist in egypt-

when u see a egyption want to cross the street, follow beside him (so if the car is so close, he will get hit first...hahaha....)
how to buy vegetables-
there are a lots of vegetables and fruits in the market (souk) and u dont really remember all their names and in souk they rarely speaks english and still using and old fashion weighing instrument. (like you put something weighing 1kg (a rock or something like that) on one side and the other side for the vegetable u want to buy-just dont know how they estimate it-)

just pick at the vegetables or fruit that u want then say ''awizah dah bi kilo" (i want this 1kg). if you want to know the price simply asked " kam bi kilo?" (how much is this for 1 kg?). If there is more than one item u want, the same..." awiz dah, wi dah, wi dah bi kilo kullu" ( i want this, this and this, all 1kg) ahhahahaha...

how to buy clothes-
usually they have big size clothes and its difficult to find one which suits small people like, anything that the shopkeeper say, eventhough u dont understand them, just nooded and asked " dah maugud sugoiyar?" ( do u have a smaller than this?).. if there is no smaller size or if u dont want any (usually they persist u to buy something) just say " mish awiz hagah"(i dont want anything) and leave as fast as u could.
how to deal with taxi drivers-
they dont use meters..and if they see foreign people, they might charge u more than, before u go inside the with them. say how much u want..if he dont want to just say "mish awizah enta" (i dont want u)haha.. make sure when u have arrived, get out of the taxi first then pay. (so if he want more, u can run (tak insaf2 lagi tu) )..but just do it when the price is just out of mind!!!

p/s: actually..the best thing is try to speak their language...hehe..(im trying k!)

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