Friday, March 27, 2009


bacteriophage are bacteria eaters!
its like when a person hijacking an aircraft.! confiscate the whole plane by controlling the pilot that fly the plane with the passangers...

virus invade the control centre of the cell which is the commands for the cell to do proteins and many copies of itself... these viruses invade by these following sequence..
adsorption, recognition of the receptors on the bacteria..
then, penetration, they inject their viral DNA into the bacteria..
esclipse phase where transcription and translation of the viral proteins takes palce,
then assembly, the combination of phage Nucleic acid and capsid..then..
lysis of the cell and release of the new phages..leaving the poor bacteria.. ( like the lecturer told us...poor, poor bacteria)

that is the process of bacteriophage in lytic phase..many more to be memorized...huargh!!!!!

you see..these virus are so minute..tiny little nasty creatures...yet they can cause the destruction of the bacteria cell and human cells to by invading their control centre..make use of the things that they dont possess...for their own example of greatness of ALLAH's creation...the moral of the story is...
size does not matter>>, if u are brilliant enough like these viruses..u can rule the world! but too bad, we are the one who are being controlled..if you can think deep enough, u will get what im trying to say...huhu

why im posting this? because i have an microbiology exam tomorrow and im not 100% ready!! huahuahua...plz pray for me..huhu


serunaiklang_91 said...

all the best...insyaALLAH...

aalam ukhuwah..tadi saya baru pegi interview mara...nak gi mesir gak..huhu...

Anonymous said...

gd luck fizaaaaa....hehe=)