Monday, June 1, 2009

W-sitting ??

W-sitting is among several positions frequently chosen by children to sit in include those pictured here.

Who should not w-sit? For many children, W-sitting should always be discouraged. This position is contraindicated (and could be detrimental) for a child if one of the following exists:


There are orthopedic concerns. W-sitting can predispose a child to hip dislocation, so if there is a history of hip dysplasia, or a concern has been raised in the past, this position should be avoided.


If there is muscle tightness, W-sitting will aggravate it. This position places the hamstrings, hip adductors, internal rotators and heel cords in an extremely shortened range. If a child is prone to tightness or contractures, encourage anther pattern of sitting.


There are neurological concerns/developmental delays. If a child has increased muscle tone (hypertonia, spasticity), W-sitting will feed into the abnormal patterns of movement trying to be avoided (by direction of the child’s therapist). Using other sitting postures will aid in the development of more desirable movement patterns.

How to prevent W-sitting.

The most effective (and easiest) way to prevent a problem with W-sitting is to prevent it from becoming a habit it the first place. Anticipate and catch it before the child even learns to W-sit. Children should be placed and taught to assume alternative sitting positions. If a child discovers W-sitting anyway, help him to move to another sitting position, or say, "Fix your legs." It’s very important to be as consistent as possible.

take note that w- sitting is irrevesible if the person has reached adulthood.
why im posting this?? because im one of the victims of guys, boys and gurls...u dont want to end up like me...huhu....
if u have little sister or brother or nephew, anak sedara ke..anak sendiri ke nnti, discourage them to sit in this position eventhough it does look pretty CUTE! haha

no wonder during BTN i cant touch the ground with extended knee..the pegawai BTN said " pinggang awak tu keras!' ( malu2x) hahaha... a have limited movement around my hip joint because had been sitting in that position untill NOW.
(just realized i had this syndrome after reading some books at the library)

and no wonder my knees make this craking sound everytime i stand up after sitting with crossed leg or after standing up from sujud.. huhu T_T..

- irreversible T_T.. im abnormal huuuu~
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Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

abnormal?... ala, kalo ko x gitau orang konpem orang x tau... eheh... neway...
cheer up...
read this

MyrA AY@shi said...

hehe..hakikatnye..ur not alone. dah agak da bde nih xsangke its a symdrome??haha..adoi...aku pasrah sajalah..bende dh jdik nak wat cam mane..

.: Fiza Hasan Ganny :. said...

hehe..seb baik ade geng..