Wednesday, July 8, 2009


how can we stay when we doesn't understands each other...
do we have any reason to love a person?

some say we love someone with no reason...
that is why it is call "love"
but for me, there is a reason for loving someone..
cuz there must be something attracting u to that person..
something valuable that u cant judge with the eyes..
but with your heart..

and somehow...i felt that that something is missing from u..
cuz u changed...
yeah...people changed right?
but the path u choose is quite different from mine..
i dont know how to keep this thing going on..sometimes i feel like just want to let it all go away..

but people say..when u loose someone then, at that very moment u will feel that u just lost someone dear to you..
and start regretting..
but it really hurts to see someone just from a distance, its like u can see that person yet he does not see u like u're invisible..
and there is just no explaination to the feeling that pass by u everytime u heard that's person name or picture..

oooh...what is happening to me... i dont know what is best for me..Allah i will not stop praying..untill i get the answer for this.. bingung2..

dah kate dah aku merepek..sape suh bace...hahahahahaha!~ exam mode activated...! lepas ni pathology....owh pathologyku syaaaangggg!!! time to study-studooo~~!!


Dr hAnnA said...

bela ah ikan.

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

mepek la fiza ni... ;P

huhu... hope things turn out well...

.: Fiza Hasan Ganny :. said...

mmg merepek pun anas..hahahahhaha.//
aku nak tanam pokok..
pokok bagi aku oxygen...

Anonymous said...

wa..makin rame mmbe die..hmm..xpe2..hav fun..haha

Xellos Yunho said...

fiza, things will get better...dont lose hope..

maybe the 'u' is juz busy...
be a good sport...^^